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Information Technology Specialist II

Information Technology Specialist II

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Job Location: 
Jefferson City - Cole County
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Salary Range: 
$2,355.00 – $3,296.00 semi-monthly
Position receives State benefits including health care, retirement, and vacation
IT Specialty: 
Applications Development

To Apply

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Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 
  • Assist with contract and project oversight;
  • Assist in writing, reviewing and evaluating RFPS and PAQ’s;
  • Supervise MEDES OA-ITSD application development team --
    • Facilitate Engage process with team members;
    • Continually assess and evaluate staff skills, provide mentoring and promote staff development;
    • Manage work assignments;
    • Continually evaluate roles and responsibilities of state team members as the project evolves and make appropriate adjustments in staff assignments;
    • Manage personnel issues;
    • Assist in the hiring process for additional or replacement staff;
    • Coordinate work efforts and project functions between vendor teams and state teams;
  • Attend and participate in MEDES project meetings including the weekly MEDES Management Team meeting, Configuration Management Board meetings and several other regularly scheduled meetings;
  • Facilitate processing of security access requests with the OA-ITSD-DSS account provisioning team;
  • Provide approvals for emergency fixes;
  • Approve EDP-190’s;
  • Ensure that vendor(s) complete CMS Change Reporting Procedures document when there is a change of the physical processing site, a major software change or a network configuration change that impacts the connection with CMS;
  • Review and close Cherwell tickets assigned to AppSpt.DSS.ISMEDESPRODSUP;
  • Validate MEDES batch abend log is updated and maintained;
  • Serve as state release manager on MEDES project – tasks include the following:
  • Review the MEDES Release Management Plan on a quarterly basis and provide updates to the Project Management Office;
  • Prepare agenda and facilitate weekly Release and Schedule Pre-meeting;
  • Propose decisions for new dev-ops releases, release number and environments for approval at weekly Schedule, Scope and Release Meeting;
  • Add release #’s, begin and end dates and description to Release Dashboard in JIRA.
  • Coordinate environment refreshes with the ITSD database team;
  • Validate Jira tickets in scope that are production ready ensuring there are no failed test cases and all sub-tasks are closed;
  • Reconcile number of code/data fix tickets in the release dashboard and pre-release notes to approved scope document and release information in Jenkins and validate versions, affected versions, sprint and type of fix fields; advise vendor release manager of any errors or discrepancies and subsequently verify reconciliation is completed;
  • After each release –
    • Review deployment tickets and validate that all code and data fixes were migrated to production;
    • Ensure the tickets are updated with the SVN/Build #, Cobol module, Informatica module and any data fix information;
    • Ensure that each deployment ticket is attached to each scope ticket;
    • Update tickets with release note information;
    • Close release in the release dashboard (JIRA);
    • Ensure that each ticket status is updated to “Closed” or “SalesForce Validation” and the production date is updated with the release date;
    • Convert all tickets linked to test cases that are still in UAT or have a bug and not closed to a “Known Issue” and ensure that all tickets that passed testing are closed by the test team.
    • Review the release notes provided by the vendor for accuracy and work with the vendor to ensure any needed corrections are made.
Job Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

Background in applications development with experience in all phases of the SDLC, verbal and written communication, interpersonal including ability to motivate staff and resolve conflicts, leadership, analytical abilities including critical thinking and problem solving, project management and time and priority management.

Important Information

Applicants must meet the following qualifications: 

NOTE: YOU MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF YOUR MOST CURRENT TRANSCRIPTS and resume, and e-mail to address provided.

Please include the job posting number when applying for this position.

Review the required skills and qualifications before applying for this position. Candidates must also complete an on-line application which can be found at

Applicants need to be eligible to work in the United States.