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Information Technologist III

Information Technologist III

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Kansas City MO
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Position receives State benefits including health care, retirement, and vacation
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End User Support

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This position provides advanced professional and technical work in end-user computer systems support and troubleshooting. It is the primary end-user support liaison within the agency at the direction of the Director of IT. High-priority is given to this position to see that the agency is supported in a timely, organized and efficient end-to-end fashion with an emphasis on effective communication and end-user satisfaction. 

Essential Job Duties/Functions: To perform this job successfully, individuals must be able to perform each of the following essential duties/functions successfully. Reasonable accommodations will be made for disabled individuals.

  • Help end-users with day-to-day user and/or software issues with informative, courteous and attentive support. Support should be complete and followed through from beginning to end. 
  • Hardware setup, troubleshooting and maintenance. This component requires the efficient and comprehensive preparation of a workstation or notebook computer for delivery to a new or existing end user. 
  • Communicate with hardware vendors for replacement parts or warranty service.
  • Accurately and consistently report, track, and monitor activity utilizing the IT divisions designated tracking systems. 
  • Review IT division activity reports and coordinate status reports to the IT director.
  • Serve as support person/customer contact for systems of moderate complexity.
  • Support a limited number of systems of higher complexity.
  • Maintain a high level of discretion when dealing with sensitive/confidential information.
  • Assist with defining, organizing, controlling, and protecting databases or networks.
  • Prepare reports and recommendations when assigned research duties by the Director of IT.
  • Compile data and draft documents or reports as requested or necessary for the efficient administration of business.
  • Competently utilize software systems.
  • Travel as directed, including long distance travel and overnight and extended stays, if necessary.
  • Maintain appropriate files and documentation as necessary or required.
  • Attend and actively participate in meetings and training programs as directed.
  • Provide assistance to employees, vendors, state agencies, departments, divisions and organizations in a friendly and efficient manner.
  • Maintain and protect confidential information.

Starting pay range $40,000.00 & $50,000.00 annually, based on qualifications.

Job Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 
  • Specific areas of support include, but are not limited to; advanced knowledge and skills with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, web browsers and other system software in addition to connection, setup and troubleshooting of hardware. Intermediate knowledge in skills in other miscellaneous systems and other business specific applications. Software troubleshooting should be done with minimal interruption to the end user, in the least amount of time possible.
  • Hardware setup, troubleshooting and maintenance. This requires an expertise of either preparing a computer or working with other IT staff in virtual machine operation systems. Also requires preparing new user profiles for use, and completing assigned activities on the IT checklist for new user setup. Also may require the physical relocation of workstations.