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Information Technologist I-IV

Information Technologist I-IV

Job Posting Number: 
Opening Date: 
Closing Date: 
Job Location: 
Jefferson City - Cole County
Merit Type: 
Salary Range: 
$1,274.00 – $2,720.00 semi-monthly
Position receives State benefits including health care, retirement, and vacation
IT Specialty: 
System-Technical Support
Required Skills: 
Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 

The functions of this position include technical support and administration of Citrix Netscaler load balancing SDX appliances for the State of Missouri. Responsibilities include:

  • Physical management of network interfaces to Netscaler SDX appliances. Updating firmware
  • Setup and configuration of Netscaler VPX virtual instances.
  • Configuration of load balancing rules. Creation and configuration of responder policies and site definitions. Requesting IP addresses and firewall rules.
  • Updating and management of SSL certificates on Netscaler devices
  • Troubleshooting issues

The functions of this position also include technical support for forward and reverse proxy servers running on linux/apache and Window/Apache. Responsibilities include:

  • Installation and management of apache servers on linux and Windows.
  • Management of SSL/TLS configurations for secure communications between servers.
  • Offloading and managing logs
  • Troubleshooting issues

The function of this position also includes technical support for web application firewall appliances running Imperva SecureSphere. Responsibilities include:

  • Configuration and management of SecureSphere appliances.
  • Configuration of WAF rules for public facing sites within the SecureSphere interface. Must be capable of working with application staff on troubleshooting WAF rules. 
  • Maintenance of server IP black and white lists.
  • SSL/TLS and Certificate management on SecureSphere appliances.

The function of this position also includes technical support for cloud based Edge CDN/WAF service for public facing applications. Responsibilities include:

  • Management of CDN/WAF service interface, including monitoring of reports relating to DDoS events.
  • Configuration of WAF rules relating to web sites configured behind the CDN/WAF service.
  • Configuration of caching rules for web sites behind the CDN/WAF.
  • Work with Network and DNS teams on site configuration and moves.
Job Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

Linux and command line scripting. Knowledge of TCP/IP networking and web architecture preferred. Problem solving. Communication skills. Critical thinking.

Important Information

Applicants must meet the following qualifications: 

NOTE: YOU MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF YOUR MOST CURRENT TRANSCRIPTS, resume, and email to address provided.

Please include the job posting number when applying for this position.

Review the required skills and qualifications before applying for this position.

Applicants need to be eligible to work in the United States.