How to Apply

Information Technology (IT) Operator, IT I-IV, IT Specialist, IT Supervisor

To apply for an Information Technology position, send your resume, cover letter, and other material such as transcripts as requested in the specific job opportunity announcement you are interested in to the contact listed. You can send it via e-mail or regular mail. You will need to reference the specific job posting number and job title in your application material. If you are interested in more than one posting, you will need to submit a separate resume and cover letter for each one.

If chosen for an interview, you will be contacted to make arrangements. The use of telepresence for an interview is an option that may be available.

It is important to note when applying for a position that you are interested in, that you follow the instructions listed in each specific job posting. Other state agencies post IT jobs through this website and utilize their own hiring practices.

A required background check will be conducted on the selected applicant.

The information technology field in state government, specifically within the Office of Administration, Information Technology Services Division is comprised of the following levels:

The above titles are responsible for the day to day operations of the State Data Center.  Primary duties and responsibilities including scheduling and JCL. 

The above titles are our primary IT positions.  These range from entry level to fully functioning and independent IT professionals, covering the entire scope of IT operations.

The above titles are generally responsible for leading teams or complex projects. The level of responsibility is increased in these levels as is the technical knowledge and abilities that are required of a key contributor. Supervision may be a component of the Specialist positions.